Calm Down! Daryl Did Not Kill A Real Snake On The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Snake

Ever since last night’s Walking Dead, there’s been an interesting debate raging online. In the “Still” episode of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus ‘ character Daryl Dixon catches and kills a rattlesnake.

In an interview, Reedus revealed that the rattlesnake used in filming for the episode was real. Because Reedus described the rattlesnake as real, some fans on social media have expressed outrage over the thought of a real snake being killed on The Walking Dead.

It’s not the first time that The Walking Dead has faced a backlash over a scene showing an animal being killed on the show. Similar backlashes occurred after a horse got eaten by walkers in Season One of The Walking Dead and after Rick killed the pigs earlier during Season Four of The Walking Dead.

In both of those case, animals weren’t actually harmed during the filming of those scenes. As reported a couple years back, the Human Society is present during any Walking Dead scenes involving animals.

Using a real rattlesnake in the filming isn’t the same thing as actually killing a real rattlesnake on camera. However, just to be sure, reached out to AMC and asked, “Was a real rattlesnake actually killed in the "Still" episode of The Walking Dead?” AMC responded, “No.”

So there you have it officially, no real rattlesnakes were killed during the filming of The Walking Dead episode in question.