SDCC 2014 Exclusive: Eureka and The Vampire Diaries's Colin Ferguson In Talks For The Flash

Colin Ferguson, best known for his role on Eureka and recently signed to appear on The CW's The Vampire Diaries, is in talks for a role on the first season of The Flash, the actor revealed to during the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For red carpet event last night at Comic Con International: San Diego.

You can check out our full interview with Ferguson below.

What are you officially here for? You've got a lot on your plate.

Oh, God -- what am I officially here for? I think I'm officially here for Nerd HQ. I'm doing a panel. They're doing a lot of charity for Operation Smile, so I'm signing and taking a lot of photos for them.

How long have you been coming to Comic Con?

It's got to be eight or nine years at this point. And when we were first coming, when we came for Eureka all those years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel party, at the biggest party there were ten of us on the roof of The W with nothing to do -- and now it's insane. Every hotel has some major event; it's ridiculous!

Did you ever get a chance to read the Eureka comics?

Yeah, I flipped through them. I didn't get a chance to pore over them and I don't think I ever saw every single one of them because they didn't bring them to us on set so we had to hunt them down. When I got to see them was I would go like this and I'd sign for charity and whatnot, and people would bring them to the booth. So I got to see them then and people thought it was weird that was the first I'd seen them.

You're doing The Vampire Diaries right now. Is there something you'd like to do on Arrow or The Flash, because they've got plenty of roles for a guy like you.

Well, it's more than easy because the showrunner on The Flash is the showrunner from Eureka. So Jaime [Paglia]'s already called me and he's like "I've got some stuff I want you to do!" I was like, "Okay. Just send it up, I'll come." So I would expect to do it sometime in the next year.

What are you doing on The Vampire Diaries this season?

They just came back to camera this week so I just shot my first episode this week. I guess I play a guy called Tripp, and I'm leaning away from the word militia. It's maybe a little vigilante, but he's got a heart of gold; his heart's in the right place. And beyond that, I don't really know because on that show, things can just go right or left so quickly.

Well, the analogous character on True Blood is already dead, then!

Is that right? Probably! You see, on Vampire Diaries you can die and then come back and then die again. That's how they do their thing!