Far Cry 5's Dog Companion Has No Problem With Being Set On Fire

Far Cry 5 Dog

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Far Cry 5 connects players with a canine companion to assist them in their violent exploits, a dog that's apparently unkillable and proves to be quite useful.

Animals have always been an important part of the Far Cry series whether you're hunting them down for resources or letting a lion loose on your enemies, but in the more familiar Montana setting, a trusty dog named Boomer stays by your side to take down enemies.

During a recent demo that PC Gamer got their hands on, they were able to test some of the finer details related to Boomer. First on the agenda was whether or not the dog would react to being set on fire, and it turns out, he doesn't mind it much.

On more than one occasion, Boomer was found engulfed in flames when taking on countless enemies amid explosions and other hazards. Boomer casually walked through fires, fur ablaze, still intent on helping out Far Cry 5's protagonist any way he can.

Of course, some of those times involved the dog being set on fire on purpose, purely for testing reasons. It was also discovered that the repair tool could be used to set enemies on fire, and apparently the same goes for Boomer.

The way that Boomer interacts with different enemies also changes as well depending on who you point him towards. With Boomer being an animal companion, there are sure to be animal enemies, and Boomer takes on these challenges differently than with humans. When instructed to fight a wolf, a barking match ensued instead of the head-on attack that most humans receive.

From a gameplay trailer that were released back in June, several of the benefits of having Boomer around were detailed as it showed players instructing their dog to perform different tasks. For one, Boomer seems to be 100 percent fearless when it comes to following your commands. Orders can be issued to Boomer by marking enemies and deciding which ones to take out first, quickly turning an altercation against two human enemies into a 2v2 situation.

Far Cry 5 players will be able to travel with Boomer when the game releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Feb. 27, 2018. Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.