Tencent MOBA Arena of Valor Revealed For the Nintendo Switch

Arena of Valor

Nintendo revealed during their Nintendo Direct livestream that the MOBA game Arena of Valor will soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Created by Tencent Games, the massive online battle arena will be the first MOBA that the new Nintendo console will receive. With the typically diverse cast of tanks, healers, assassins, mages, fighters, and plenty of other classes, Arena of Valor will give Nintendo Switch owners their first taste of MOBA battle that’ll only leave them wanting more.

The real-time online battles against other players on the Nintendo Switch version of the game will take place in a couple of different forms depending on how large you want your teams to be. A 5-on-5 option that many MOBA veterans will likely be familiar with will definitely be shipping with the console version, but players can also scale that number back to a 3-on-3 battle instead.

For those that have a grudge with a player who either threw a game or just couldn’t keep to themselves about your playstyle for the previous match, a 1-on-1 mode is also available. It’ll certainly see plenty of use by players looking to hone their skills in solo combat against over 30 heroes that are shipping with the game, but you can expect there to be a whole lot of salt there too as players take on others and settle disputes.

The core gameplay is much like other MOBAs where players take on the enemy heroes and slay their opposing laners while taking down turrets, eventually working their way toward the enemy team’s base. Neutral objectives exist as well that’ll give players an edge over their opponents through the form of buffs or other advantages.

If the concept of the game sounds strikingly similar to other games like League of Legends, it’s worth noting that Arena of Valor and League are both part of Tencent, a massive company that owns the majority of League’s Riot Games. Some of the character designs may bear resemblance to League champions and characters from other MOBAs, but with how many different games and characters there are now, there’s sure to be similarities found in every hero.

Arena of Valor doesn’t yet have a release date, but a beta version is coming to the Nintendo Switch during winter of this year.



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