Robbie Amell Says Arrow & Firestorm Photo Was A Joke

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Sorry, Firestorm fans, but it looks like that crossover between the Nuclear Man and Arrow won’t happen anytime soon.

Firestorm actor Robbie Amell teased many a fan earlier this week when he posted a picture of himself as Firestorm next to his cousin and Arrow actor, Stephen Amell. This led the Internet to lose its collective mind, thinking that a Firestorm/Arrow crossover was right around the corner.

Unfortunately, Robbie Amell came clean and admitted that the photo was nothing but a ruse to ruffle fans’ feather. As he told MTV, “I just posted that as a joke. Then I texted Stephen and said, 'I posted this to mess with people.'"

Good one, Robbie. However, the actor revealed that he and his cousin actually did a DC Comics shoot for a mysterious project that’s not an episode, but something else.

“We did shoot something together, but it’s not an episode. It’ll air fairly soon, and then they’re trying to get the two of us on screen together fairly soon,” Amell said. “We’re both in character, but we’re not shooting it together. It’s more like a promo.”

Based on Robbie’s comments, it sounds like The CW is piecing together some type of advertisement that promotes all of their DC Comics characters, but doesn’t require them to be in the same place. It could be some sort season-finale “thank you” to fans, showing all their heroes in one video that highlights the fact that they’re in a shared universe. But for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

What do you think Amell’s promo could be? Speculate in the comments below.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.