Arrow: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References In "Public Enemy"

ShadoToday was a pretty action-packed episode of Arrow, and those often don't yield a ton of Easter eggs, as the plot just moves, moves, moves, and doesn't stop to do a lot of navel gazing.

That doesn't mean there weren't some things to spot, though...and plenty going on.

What did we see? What did we miss? Read on...!

News 52

News 52 isn't new, of course -- and we even had it last week -- but before that, it had been gone for a while.


In the comics, she didn't have a twin sister. Instead, her only known blood relatives are Oliver's son and her father, who in the comics was a member of the Yakuza.

But hey: more Celina Jade!

AR318B_0097bLone Angry Cop Trope

Not really an Easter egg or a reference -- but this character type is pretty damn common, no?

And the single-minded obsession that he's got going on kind of reminds me of somebody like the rogue reporter on The Incredible Hulk.

Shrinking technology

Hey! He's getting closer to becoming Ray Palmer!

Of course, in the comics, Ray can shrink himself. His technology can be used on objects, though -- like in DC: The New Frontier.


And just like in the comics, he turned himself in only to be met with a pretty hostile cop...

former-mayor-127441Stephen Amell has said numerous times before that he hoped for the "I am Iron Man" moment. Funny enough, it's Colton Haynes who gets it in tonight's episode, not Amell.

"All these masks, they started with him."

The same thing as we hear about Batman all the time, of course.

The idea that there would be no costumed villains without costumed heroes isn't an uncommon idea, but the fact that it was used in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight Trilogy is Arrow's "north star" makes it hard to ignore.

Doctor Who

Ray is appealing to Felicity because he can name all the Doctor Who plots. Andrew Kreisberg, producer on Arrow and The Flash, is a big Doctor Who fan. And in addition to Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Rip Hunter in the CWverse is played by a Doctor Who veteran.