Chris Hardwick Says Melissa McBride Deserves An Emmy Nomination

Chris Hardwick strongly believes that a certain Walking Dead star deserves an Emmy Award nomination for her performance on the AMC zombie drama series.

The Walking Dead has never been nominated for an Emmy award outside of the categories for make-up (which it won), sound editing, and visual effects. The Talking Dead host thinks that should change. "I think Melissa McBride did such... If she doesn't get nominated for an Emmy, there is no justice in this entertainment universe," Hardwick told on the red carpet for Ant-Man's world premiere.

Melissa McBride plays Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead. Carol has had arguably the biggest arc of any character in the show's five seasons. Starting out as a humbled, abused wife, Carol has transformed into a tough, fearless leader within the group of survivors. She even saved the day when the group was trapped among cannibals at Terminus. Later in the very same season, McBride played an undercover version of Carol, working with Rick to seize guns in Alexandria and delivering a pair of the most spine-chilling monologues in The Walking Dead's history.

There's no doubt McBride is one of the series' strongest actors. Do you agree with Chris Hardwick when he says she deserves an Emmy nomination for her performance on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead returns in October and Ant-Man hits theaters July 17!