Parents Upset Minions Toys From McDonald's Appear To Be Cursing

Are Minions, the beloved little yellow gibberish-speaking creatures, swearing at little kids? That's what some parents think after receiving a talking Minion toy from McDonald's in the popular Happy Meal kids package.

The offending Minion, seemingly only the "caveman" issue, appears to say "I'll be damned" and "what the f***" - if that's what you're listening for, that is. It was reported on by WFTV in Orlando, and their newsroom couldn't agree on whether or not these things were actually being said. Indeed the alleged "what the f***" saying sounds a lot like the simple "huh huh huh" or "buh buh buh" seen in both Despicable Me films and the shorts made to accompany the home releases.

The "I'll be damned" one, though, is a little harder to explain away; once you hear it, it's hard to unhear. For McDonald's part, they are sticking by the "Minionese" made popular in two films, and featured in the new stand-alone Minions film.

"Minions speak ‘Minionese’ which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds. ‘Minionese’ has no translation to, or meaning in any recognized language. Any perceived similarities to words used within the English language is purely coincidental," said an official statement.

Ultimately, whether they're saying it or not, probably not the publicity Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment wanted the night of the film's release. Oddly, the news seems to be breaking a month late, as the Caveman Minion was part of the first group released, back in the last week of May.

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