The Flash Season Two: Tom Cavanagh Reveals Details On Harrison Wells' Return

Barry Allen isn’t the only speedster returning for The Flash’s second season.

Harrison Wells, better known as The Reverse Flash and Eobard Thawne, is also set to return to the Flash’s world this fall. “But wait!” you may tell yourself. “Didn’t Harrison Wells, you know, die in Flash’s season finale?”

Yes, he, did, but that hasn’t stopped the show from bringing actor Tom Cavanagh, who plays Wells, back onto the show. During a special press event at San Diego Comic Con International, Cavanagh spoke to reporters about when Harrison Wells might return, getting back into the Reverse Flash suit, and whether or not Wells will still be in a wheelchair.

How long did it take for you to get comfortable with calling yourself the Reverse Flash?
There was never any discomfort. The reason I signed d on to this show was to do that role. This is my third show with [Exectuive Prodcer Greg Berlanti], and he told me that this was a role that I would enjoy. I trusted those guys, so that’s why I signed on. So, my comfort levels are at 100%.

Are we going to see the real Professor Wells in Season Two?
Harrison Wells, I feel, is one of the very few elements that doesn’t exist in the Flash comic book mythology. A lot of what we do is adhered to eighty-plus years of mythology, but Harrison Wells was a new introduction, and an important part of our genesis story. We didn’t change how he got his powers. All of that was true. But Harrison Wells was an added element to hide the villainy in the show. Which Thawne was the good Thawne? Which Thawne was the bad Thawne? It ended up being a big part of our season finale. I think we employed that device of using Harrison Wells to do that last year. And I think this year we’ll try a different tactic, but in some ways they’re not too dissimilar from one another.

What are you most excited for in Season Two?
For me, the most enjoyable part of doing this show is putting on the Reverse Flash suit. I always look forward to putting on the suit. I like the action and the activity, and often times we put in a lot of time with Harrison Wells in the chair last year, to earn the payoff with the Reverse Flash activity. I often enjoy when the show gets robust and athletic. Those are some of my favorite moments.

When can fans expect Harrison Wells to return in Season Two?
I would say we’ve come out of the gate already in filming. And I’ve been a part of that.

Will Harrison Wells be out of the wheelchair in second season?
You’ll get that answer very soon. Why spoil it?

The Flash’s second season premieres on October 6 on The CW.

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