The Flash Executive Producers Tease Next Week's Escape From Earth-2

Earth-2 Barry

Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of The Flash, titled "Welcome to Earth-2."

Tonight's episode of The Flash was a game-changer, chock full of references to DC continuity and building the world of Earth-2 more in one hour than the rest of the season has done as a whole.

There's plenty more of that to come next week, as Barry Allen attempts an escape from Earth-2 and a rescue for Jesse, the daughter of Harrison Wells. was among a group of reporters present at a screening of "Welcome to Earth-2" earlier this week, where executive producers Todd and Aaron Helbing told us what to expect from next week's episode.

Has Zoom taken Barry’s speed?

Todd Helbing: No, he hasn’t taken Barry’s speed. You’ll find out [about his plan] in the next episode.

Why Mayor Snart instead of Citizen Cold?

Todd Helbing: That's a good question! I don't know.

Aaron Helbing: It was unexpected, I think.

Obviously, that is his big plan is to take his speed so now that he has him, he has let’s say 50% of what he needs.

Aaron Helbing: He doesn’t have all the ingredients, per se. We established earlier in the season that he needed other aspects or other people to help the process.

Obviously Jesse’s in a cell but there’s another interesting-looking gentleman. Is there any more to that?

Todd Helbing: There aren’t any other prisoners, but the man in the mask is there for a reason.

Through Barry, will we get to know Jesse a bit more?

Todd Helbing: yeah, this is really the first time they meet, there in Zoom’s lair, so you’ll see in the next episode how this relationship starts and forms and where it leads them to.

We don’t know much about E2 Barry. Why would he have people like Diana and Hal in his phone?

Todd Helbing: Just for Easter eggs. But you will in the next episode see a lot more of Earth-2 Barry. He’s quite a bit different from Earth-1 Barry.

Is he really as selfish as Joe seems to feel?

Todd Helbing: I think from Joe’s perspective, he’s very selfish.I think that plays into what happens to him int he next episode.

It seemed Killer Frost and Deathstorm are pretty well-established on Earth-2. Will there be any fallout that Jay and Wells didn’t tell Caitlin that her Earth-2 self was evil?

Aaron Helbing: I don’t know if you want to tell somebody that their counterpart was evil.

Todd Helbing: You bring up an interesting point, though; with all of these experiences and Cisco and Barry meeting their doppelgängers, a lot of that information, they’re able to bring that back if they get back.

A lot of what we see in Barry’s life in Earth-2 is what Season One Barry would have wanted. He sees that isn’t all a good thing for him, but how much is seeing what this other Barry can experience going to inform him?

Todd Helbing: It affects him quite a bit. I think the relationship with Iris really sits with him quite a bit, and that’s going to be on his mind quite a bit in upcoming episodes.

Can you talk about what everyone is dealing with back on Earth-1 next week?

Todd Helbing:Geomancer is out there and The Flash is locked up in the call, so they really don’t have a way to deal with him now that they’re Flash-less. So they have to come up with a new plan and we get to see somebody step up to the plate. You get to see Caitlin’s been working on the Velocity drug and Jay’s clearly adamant against taking it, but with no other choice, we get to see the Earth-2 Jay Garrick be the hero. We have Cisco and Wells trying to come up with a plan as to how to get Barry out of the predicament he’s in. So they seek out help from somebody you’d never expect to set up this rescue mission. And on Earth-1 they still have to deal with Geomancer and the breach issue.

Can you talk a little more about the Velocity drug?

Aaron Helbing: I think ti’s just an evolution like any science. You start with one and keep building off of that and hopefully you improve it.

Todd Helbing: Caitlin has been trying to help Jay in as many ways as possible.

Both Wally and Jesse are speedsters in the comics and now Caitlin is making this speedster drug. Will that have ramifications down the road?

Todd Helbing: It’s possible.

Aaron Helbing: It will, yes.

Can you talk a little bit about the negative side effects from the Velocity drug?

Aaron Helbing: Not in this episode but further down the road you’ll definitely see what happens when you take Velocity 9 and how bad it can get.

Will we get to see more of Barry interacting with his Earth-2 mom?

Todd Helbing: Not in this story, no. We just felt the moment when Barry talks to his mom was really powerful, and we wanted to explore that.