Joker And The Riddler Were Almost In Batman V Superman

(Photo: Warner Bros/Jim Viscardi)

The upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might already seem crowded to some fans, but it almost got a little more populated.

Talking with Collider, director Zack Snyder opens up about how Batman's Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, and the Prince of Puzzles, the Riddler, almost made it into the movie. With Batman already plotting on how to take down Superman and Lex Luthor trying to do the same, as well Wonder Woman and Aquaman showing up and rumors report Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Will Magnus, it would have definitely been a loaded movie.

Snyder explains his reasoning, and it's simple enough: he kept the focus on Batman and Superman.

With Joker showing up in Suicide Squad, would his presence have messed up the timeline of things? It looks that Riddler gets a mild nod in one of the first trailers, so we know he's around at least. Having not seen the finished movie, whether or not the two rogues would have added or cluttered the product is uncertain.

Would you have liked to see Batman square off with some of his most famous villains in between trying to defeat Superman? Do you want to save them for the reported Batman standalone movies? Let us know!