Konami Helps Fund Amputee's Metal Gear Solid V Bionic Arm

Metal Gear Solid Bionic Arm
(Photo: James Young)

In one of the coolest PR campaigns for a video game ever, Konami ran a contest to give one fan a chance to have their own customized robotic limb, just like the one seen in Metal Gear Solid V (via Geeksaresexy.net)

The winner of the contest turned out to be James Young, a young man who was involved in a train accident, and subsequently lost his left arm and leg as a result. Once Young was selected, it was time to design the fully functional arm, which uses the nerves in his shoulder to activate the bionic hand they built him. The hand alone took about four months to design, but it allows the user to pick up things as small as a coin off the ground.

(Photo: James Young)

With the help of a talented team of artist and designers that includes Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Adrian Godwin, Rudi Kolenc, the Open Bionics team, and many others, they were able to create a bionic arm for Young that not only gives him the use of his missing limb, but also comes with a Bluetooth enabled wrist that includes a USB port, a torch and laser, and a screen that allows him to connect to his phone and view emails, calls, and social media accounts. Plus, it also includes a bespoke quadcopter that can be flown via a one-handed remote that takes residence in his shoulders social space area.

The arm cost about $100,000 to make, but I imagine its safe to assume that to the team behind the creation of the limb, the effect the limb has had on Young is well worth the investment.