Dragon Ball Super Claims Goku Has Never Kissed Anyone Before

Oh, boy. It looks like Chi-Chi has some explaining to do. After all, her poor naive husband has apparently never kissed anyone - not even his wife. Despite the pair having two sons together, Dragon Ball Super has teased the Super Saiyan doesn’t know what it’s like to lock lips with someone.

In the newest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goka drops a (spirit) bomb when he claims he’s never kissed anyone ever before. The confession takes place after Trunks kisses his girlfriend Mai to save her life. As always, Vegeta stands in the back, watching over the ordeal with a bored expression. However, his face quickly changes to confusion when Goka surprises the room with an innocent comment about Trunk kissing Mai.

Vegeta then asks, “Goka, you’ve never done that [kissing?” Goku answers, “Of course [not]” to which Vegeta says, “Aren’t you married?”

Poor Goku! Bewildered, the Saiyan responds by asking, “Is that somehow related?” So, naturally, Vegeta gives up, telling his companion to “forget it.”

Sure, Goku is notorious oblivious when it comes to matters of the heart, but fans are finding it hilarious that the boy doesn’t understand how kissing is connected to marriage. This is the guy who didn’t know what Chi-Chi meant when she confessed her love to him. The driven girl had to give Goku a peck on the cheek to make him understand, leaving him more than a bit flustered.

However, the pair did get married, and the ceremony sans kiss was even shown in an anime-only episode of Dragon Ball. The duo first save Chi-Chi’s home to recover her mother’s old wedding dress, an act that ultimately gave the bride something to wear when she weds Goku.

By the time Dragon Ball Z comes around, Chi-Chi has her first son Gohan to everyone’s excitement. It was even hinted at in the series that Goku kisses Chi-Chi at some point, but fans could only guess what went down based on Master Roshi’s hilarious reaction.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Goku’s reference in Dragon Ball Super is directed towards him not having kissed someone to save their lives. Another explanation for the surprising confession might have to do with the overall nature of shonen anime. The genre, which is geared towards teenage boys, does concern itself with love - but Dragon Ball is a series that thrives off intense battle sequences. As such, anything touchy-feely like kissing is often looked over, so Goku could be poking fun at his own sexual naivety.

Either way, the character’s confession has sure done a number on happy-go-lucky fans who view Chi-Chi and Goku at their OTP, or one true pairing.

Who knows? Maybe Dragon Ball Super will make up for the franchise’s gap in on-screen smooches. The series has already introduced audiences to the Super Saiyan Rose state, so maybe Toei Animation and Viz Media will make things steamier for fans when the show hits the U.S. at some point?

Eh, probably not.

[H/T] Kotaku