Westworld Hints At New Worlds

If you're mind is running circles trying to figure out the secrets of HBO's hit series Westworld, you aren't alone.

All across the internet, fans have been analyzing screenshots and creating new theories like it's their full-time job. Everywhere you turn, there is a new idea floating around as to who is really behind the events at the theme park.

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The best part? No one actually knows anything.

The Westworld creative team continues to throw hints at fans, many of which are probably intended to throw us off. This past week, there was another Easter Egg that went unnoticed by most fans, but could have major implications for the show going forward.

When Elsie was entering the dark theater, investigating the hidden relay station, she took a long look at many of the props around the room. As her flashlight passed over one particular shelf, there were hints to some of the other worlds from the original Westworld film.

A suit of armor stood beside the shelf, with Roman sculpture directly beside it. In the original Westworld movie, Medieval World and Roman World were also major parts of the theme park.

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(Photo: HBO)

Throughout the season, fans have wondered whether or not we would get a glimpse of these other parks at some point. Lisa Joy and Jonathon Nolan, the show's creators, shot these rumors down at New York Comic Con, but there have been a few teases this season that say otherwise.

Ford's vision for his huge expansion came at the sight of a black steeple in the distance. The design of the steeple is very similar to that of medieval architecture, and led many to believe this expansion could be another world.

The Easter Egg hidden within the theater could just be a nod to the original film, and it wouldn't be the first they dropped in the episode. When Bernard walked down to the old computer, the original gunslinger was seen in the back of the room.

The placement of these artifacts could mean anything, but they could definitely indicate the inclusion of other worlds by this season's end.

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Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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