Dragon Ball Super Confirmed [SPOILER] Is Stronger Than Tien

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below!

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode "An Unknown Beauty Appears!" was full of surprises and the return of a character which has been out of the spotlight for quite some time. Episode 89 was the last in the recruitment arc, so many had high hopes and excitement for the new episode, but it took a turn no one was expecting.

Goku continued his hunt for allies, as he meets up with Master Roshi and Tien. Tien gets some story spotlight, as fans learn that he opened up his own dojo and started training his own students. But Tien is overshadowed this episode by the classic old pervert Master Roshi. In fact this episode actually showed Roshi beating Tien in a fight using a special paralyzing technique.

While some fans might argue that Tien was taking it easy on Master Roshi, others say that this episode proves Roshi is stronger than him on the power rankings. However, Tien did state that he didn't want to hurt the old man, then Roshi caught the fighter off guard with a paralyzing technique. Fans cannot discount the ability, and strength shown Roshi even though Tien seemed to be not going "full force". The episode, and fight between Tien and Rohi, showed that Roshi has been doing a lot of training behind the scenes. Roshi not only fought Tien but also Goku, in which he showed a ridiculous amount of strength. Goku even seemed to be surprised by Roshi even though he was not going full force. In the end Goku ended up recruiting the two characters and we will have to wait see what more the two bring to future episodes.


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