'Dragon Ball Super': Could Jiren Surprise Everyone With His Final Tournament Fight?

As Dragon Ball Super approaches the finale of the Tournament of Power, there's growing awareness that the story of Jiren could have a more impact on the Dragon Ball mythos (and its potential future) than it initially seemed. According to the latest batch of fan theories, Jiren's motivation for fighting in the Tournament of Power - as well as his plans for a Super Dragon Ball wish - could come with a massive twist:

[Spoiler / Hypothesis] Jirens true goal from the tournament. from r/dbz

Needless to say, this particular line of theory is causing a major stir with Dragon Ball Super fans - with a massive dose of skepticism leading the chat threads.

In our own breakdown of how the Tournament of Power could end, we visited the question of what Jiren's Super Dragon Ball wish could entail, and it basically boiled down to three possibilities:

  1. A wish meant to defeat some approaching all-powerful evil.
  2. A wish meant to establish Jiren's personal sense of order and justice throughout the universe.
  3. A wish meant to correct some past personal loss or failing.

Looking at all three possibilities, it seems as though any one of them is still a viable conclusion - if Jiren were to win. When we discussed the possibilities for what comes next in Dragon Ball after Super ends, we explored the therory that - no matter who wins the Tournament of Power - Jiren's story will be the foundation for the series' next chapter, which could very well be a Divine War that challenges the current divine hierarchy of the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Belmond Evil Doer Origin Spoiler

Will Belmod be revealed to be a major antagonist in such a storyline? Well it would explain his clown makeup appearance if he turned out to be the Joker to Jiren's Batman...

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