This 'Avengers' and 'Dragon Ball' Mash-Up Pits Goku Against Thanos

When it comes to fan-casted fights, Goku is ready to battle them all. Over the years, netizens have gone to great lengths to explain why the Saiyan would win in a battle with everyone from Mario to Iron Man. So, it isn’t surprising to learn that fans are pitting Goku against Thanos in light of Avengers: Infinity War.

Now, the question is whether Goku can beat the Mad Titan? This fan-made crossover may not answer that question, but it does delve into how the Saiyan would approached the fear baddie. It goes much the way you’d expect.

Over on Reddit, one fan hit up the Dragon Ball community to show off their latest Internet find. As you can see below, the user bought a fan-made T-shirt pitting Goku against Thanos, and the Saiyan refuses to fight the Mad Titan unless they are both at full strength.

Perfectly sums up our mad man. from r/dbz

The shirt, which can be bought here, shows Goku with his back to the world. He is holding up one of the Infinity Stones to Thanos who needs it to complete his Infinity Gauntlet. Looking all sorts of angry, the Mad Titan looks ready to swat the Saiyan away, but Goku simply offers the gem to the baddie on one condition.

“I found the last one for you,” Goku says, talking about the power-bending stone as if it were a Dragon Ball. “Are we ready to fight now?”


Of course, fans cannot argue and say Goku is being out of character here. The Saiyan is always eager to fight the strongest opponents he can, and Goku will push them to break their own limits if it means he gets a good fight. Goku has given power boosts to his own anime opponents before because he wanted them to fight at full strength, and the hero was fine fighting in the Tournament of Power even though his whole world was on the line. When it comes to facing Thanos, Goku would want to test his strength against the Mad Titan when they were both in top shape. So, you better bet the guy would give Thanos the final Infinity Stone to make that happen.

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