'My Hero Academia' Proves All Might Isn't as Invincible as Fans Thought

All Might as long been the top hero in the world of My Hero Academia, using his One for All quirk to fend off any form evil with a smile on his face. However, in this past week's episode, we learned that All Might isn't quite as invincible as we all thought.

The episode, titled "Symbol of Peace," featured the showdown that fans have been waiting to see. All for One, the ominous villain who has been looming over the series from the start, finally appeared for the first time one week earlier. After causing a devastating explosion, and seemingly killing a fan-favorite hero, All for One was met by his arch rival, All Might.

Sadly, when the two powerful beings went head-to-head in the episode, things didn't go too well for All Might. He held his own against the villain, at least for a time, but it never looked as if he could actually take control of the fight.

As the episode came to a close, things got even worse for All Might, and viewers realized that his weaknesses were even more profound than we imagined.

Everyone knows by now that All Might's powers wear off after a certain amount of time, and he returns to his brittle, human state after a fight. However, his quirk vanished much more quickly than ever before, and All Might was left powerless against the most powerful villain he's ever faced. That's not a great spot to be in.

The dwindling of All Might's powers have been a long time coming though. After his fight with the Nomu in Season 1, All Might revealed that he'd lost a little bit of his strength. This had been happening slowly over the years; the bigger the fight, the more All Might's ability to regenerate would fade away. That battle with the Nomu took more out of him than he was willing to admit, and this episode showed that his invincibility has dwindled significantly.

Does this loss of power mean All Might could actually be defeated by All for One this season? Unfortunately, it seems like that could be the case.


Do you think All Might's loss of power is going to be the cause of his downfall? Let us know in the comments!

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