'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Whether Vegeta Wants Ultra Instinct

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans are waiting for, it is Vegeta to one-up Son Goku. The Saiyan has always trailed behind the hero, and that gap was made just a bit wider when Goku unlocked the power to use Ultra Instinct. It didn’t take long for fans to demand that Vegeta gets the same power-up, but the Saiyan may not be on-board for the prize.

After all, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has gone live, and it sees Vegeta scoff at the idea of going Ultra Instinct.

The explanation goes down after Vegeta undergoes a new power boost to take on Jiren. The unnamed boost gives the Saiyan enough power to lay out Toppo and challenge the pride of Universe 11 head on. To say everyone is shocked by the power Vegeta shows would be an understatement, and it prompts Jiren to question whether his opponent is trying to unlock the same power Goku showed.

“Ultra Instinct? Hmph. I just gave up any hope of that actually,” Vegeta answers, shutting down his interest in using the power-up.

“Such a move doesn’t suit me. The notion of being taught anything by anyone, even.”

Continuing, Vegeta separates himself from Goku as he wants to reach a new level of power on his own terms.

“I aim for the top playing by my own rules, so Kakarot can have Ultra Instinct to himself for all I care.”

For fans, this stern declaration may come as a surprising one. After all, Vegeta has never failed to come after Goku whenever the Saiyan pulls out an original form. From Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, Vegeta has always been one step behind Goku in terms of transformations, but it seems he's ready to knock that reputation. Now, Vegeta says he's determined to find his own path to strength - one that doesn't involve copying Goku - and fans are eager to see what exactly the Saiyan pulls out to do just that.


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