'Boruto' Creator Comments on When He Want to End the Series

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been taking up where Masashi Kishimoto's original Naruto series left off with both a new anime series and manga. The manga is handled by Kishimoto's former chief assistant Mikio Ikemoto and written by Ukyo Kodachi.

Ikemoto recently held an interview to celebrate the launch of Shueisha's Manga Plus program, and mentioned that he has a window for when the bring the series to end.

When asked whether or not he had a set goal in mind for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' future, Ikemoto responded that he is aiming to end the sequel series within 30 volumes, "My utmost priority is to complete the entire story for Boruto. That said, I do not want the story to sprawl out too much. As the original Naruto series already has a whopping 72 volumes, I am hoping to complete the story within 30 volumes to keep the entire saga within a hundred volumes altogether."

The sequel series has been providing an exciting story all of its own following Naruto's progeny Boruto, but Ikemoto is still eyeing the series as a crucial part of the entire Naruto franchise. Rather than conceive it a completely standalone series, he's still framing it within the Naruto story as a whole.

Naruto fans should be excited to know that many of Boruto's developments will still be within the original Naruto series instead of branching off into its own 70 volume franchise. The implication here is that Ikemoto most likely has a idea for an ending in mind, which could very well tie back into the series' opening scene featuring an older Boruto and Kawaki fighting in a ruined Konoha.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently sitting at seven volumes as of this writing, and with the series' monthly schedule, it could be around for a very long time still. Even if Ikemoto does not quite hit the 30 volume mark that he wants, fans will be glad to know that when the sequel ends it will bring the entire Naruto franchise to a close.

Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. The story follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and features the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.



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