Crunchyroll Announces First Addition to Summer Line-Up

Crunchyroll is arguably the king of the anime streaming services. The app has an online community of nearly 35 million members looking for new, and old, series to sink their teeth into. During the Anime Central convention, Crunchyroll has announced five new anime licenses, with four airing this summer and one airing in 2020. Crunchyroll itself currently has over 900 shows in its catalog, so these five new series will be welcome additions for subscribers.

The series names, descriptions, and tentative release dates are as follows:

Are You Lost? is a series releasing this summer of 2019 that finds four friends stranded on a deserted island during their spring break. The official synopsis has one of the characters explaining their situation: "Because of a plane crash…starting today, we’re spending the springtime of our lives on a desert island!! There’s nothing here, so we have to make everything!! And eat everything!! (Ugh!) Check out our high school girl survival story of courage and knowledge. We’re actually doing pretty well!"

(Photo: Kodansha Production Committee)

Magical Sempai sees a young girl take on a magician as a teacher and will release this summer of 2019 as well. The official synopsis for this one as has their lead walking viewers through the series: "I encountered her … a cute, but ‘weird’ sempai!” Magic-loving but stage-fright-addled, this sempai comes with a failure rate of 100%—but you can’t take your eyes off her! The off-color, magical gag manga that's caused an uproar all over Japan is finally here! Here's to non-athletic hobbies!"

Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan is set for this summer of 2019 as well and is "set in a mysterious shopping center in a town that is like but also not quite like Hakata. In this setting, a walleye pollack roe fairy named Pirikarako-chan rushes about every day trying to ease the worries and solve the rumors of the other food fairies."

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts releases in this summer of 2019 as the fourth entry to do so, spotlighting a clearly medieval feel with its promotion: "The former captain of the Incarnate squad, Hank, was on a journey to find his former Incarnate comrades who had turned into Beasts and was hunting them down as the Beast Hunter. A young woman named Schaal was on a journey to find the person who killed her Incarnate father. She encounters Hank and decides to go on a journey with him to discover the truth behind her father’s death. She eventually finds out that the battle is never truly over, and the existence of the man Hank is looking for who is apparently responsible for letting the Beasts loose into the world."


Finally, In/Spectre will release in winter of 2020 and is a series following two characters and their encounters with the spirits, yokai. "Both touched by spirits called yokai, Kotoko and Kuro have gained unique superhuman powers. But to gain her powers Kotoko has given up an eye and a leg, and Kuro’s personal life is in shambles. So when Kotoko suggests they team up to deal with renegades from the spirit world, Kuro doesn’t have many other choices, but Kotoko might just have a few ulterior motives…"

Excited for these upcoming series? Are there any other lesser known anime that you'd like to see premiered on Crunchyroll? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.


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