Yu Yu Hakusho Reveals Blu-ray Steelbook Cover Art

Yu Yu Hakusho celebrated its huge 25th Anniversary in Japan last year, and while fans outside of Japan won't get to see the new OVA episodes any time soon at least it means that there will be a new way to watch and own the series pretty time soon. Funimation has revealed that they will be releasing a new line of steelbook Blu-ray collections for the series, and the first season will be hitting shelves pretty soon.

Funimation has revealed the cover art for the Season 1 steelbook release, and it's a cool new look at Yusuke Urameshi. Check it out below!

According to Funimation's listing (which you can find here), the first season steelbook will include the first 28 episodes of the series and is scheduled to release on September 3rd. This first season is especially important as it runs from its premiere episode in which Yusuke dies, his rebirth as a Spirit Detective, his first missions as a Spirit Detective, his trip to the Demon World, and brings it all the way to the first match of the Dark Tournament.

The cover for this steelbook is particularly interesting given the little swath of darkness next to Yusuke. It could be tied to Hiei's Darkness Dragon, and perhaps this hints that the other covers will connect to this cover in some way? With previous home video releases separating the series into four seasons, each one of the main four characters graced a cover. So maybe it'll be the same with this steelbook collection?


Yu Yu Hakusho recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Japan with a return OVA special featuring the returning staff of director Noriyuki Abe, and the voice cast of Nozomu Sasaki as Yusuke Urameshi, Shigeru Chiba as Kazuma Kuwabara, Megumi Ogata as Kurama, and Nobuyuki Hiyama as Hiei. Covering two different stories, the OVA adapts "Two Shots," which is a side-manga story revealing how Kurama and Hiei first met, and "All or Nothing," the second-to-last chapter of Yoshihiro Togashi's original manga which sees Yusuke and the gang try and solve a major terrorist crisis.

Yu Yu Hakusho was originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1990. The story follows Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who loses his life when he is hit by a car trying to save a child's life. After passing a series of tests, Yusuke is allowed to return to the living world but with a few caveats. With the gained ability to see spirits and demons, Yusuke is given the title of "Underworld Detective" and must solve various cases of spirits running amok in the living world.