This Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Gives Zamasu Surprising Bikini Makeover

Dragon Ball Super has had its fair share of memorable foes and villains for Goku and the others to face, but the one that had the most impact was definitely Zamasu. The Future Trunks arc is still the one fans consider to be their favorite among the other arcs of the series, and fans were particularly drawn to Zamasu's villainous persona. He fought for what he believed to be the greater good, and fans loved watching his descent into rotting madness.

While Zamasu had many surprising looks throughout that arc, fans never thought they would see the villain in a bikini. Cosplay Artist @emilyrexz (who you can find on Instagram here) shared this hilariously surprising new look for the character, and it's a pretty fun twist on Dragon Ball Super cosplay.

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Not only does the green skin and spiky white hair make this bikini cosplay stand out even more, it's a very dramatic shift from Zamasu's personality. Zamasu held himself in quite high regard, and you would never expect to see the villain dress in such an eye-popping fashion. The villain did have many looks over the Future Trunks arc, however, with his Goku Black look, Merged form, and final rotting form, and got another new look in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime series.


Zamasu has made his return to the franchise as part of the villainous Core Area group in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series. The Universal Conflict arc of this promotional series has challenged Goku and the others to no end, but Zamasu has yet to make any decisive moves of his own. The focus has been on the new villains lately, but there's a sense that Zamasu will be jumping into action very soon. But it might be in a different way than expected. Who knows? He could still show up in a bikini like this cosplay!

If you wanted to catch the latest episode of the promotional anime for yourself, Episode 14 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is now live and titled, "The Menacing Universe Seed! Kaimoren's Rampage!!" The synopsis for it reads as such, "Goku starts to get pushed back gradually by Hearts' fierce onslaught! Meanwhile, Piccolo and No.17 clash with Kamioren! They gain the upper hand in the battle by working together, but the situation reverses when the Universe Seed suddenly begins emitting light. Finally, the menace of the Universe Seed is unveiled!"