New Digimon Anime Shares First Key Visual

It has been quite the year for Digimon so far, and there is much left to go before 2021 rolls around. In 2020, fans can expect the franchise to step out with a new video game and film. Fans know the latter will test their emotions thanks to its nostalgic feel, but that is not all they have to worry about. It seems a new Digimon anime is on the way, and a key visual for the show has popped up.

Over on Twitter, fans got a look at the poster when AIR posted the visual for fans. The colorful piece shows off some familiar characters but during a different age than audiences will remember.

After all, the original DigiDestined kids did grow up in the Digimon Adventure Tri films, but this anime will visit the gang when they still children.

According to the key visual, fans will meet up with Taichi and the gang in a digital world once more. There is no word on whether this new series will be a reboot of sorts or simply fill in history gaps for fans. But they do know it will include Agumon which no one should've ever doubted.

In fact, very little information is known about this reported TV series so far, but this visual says Digimon: Psi will debut in a matter of months. The premiere date appears to be on April 9, 2020 as a welcoming gift for the Spring anime cour. For now, Digimon fans are left to wait for an official announcements regarding this new series but they're keeping their fingers crossed!


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Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizunais currently scheduled for a release February 21st in Japan. Tomohisa Taguchi will be directing for Toei Animation, Akatsuki Yamatoya returns from the original series to write the screenplay, Seiji Tachikawa will serve as chief animation director, Hiromi Seki returns from the original series to serve as supervisor, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru returns as character designer, and Kenji Watanabe returns as the Digimon designer.

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