My Hero Academia Gives a Peek at Hawk's Dark Side

My Hero Academia has kicked off the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front and has shown the darker side to Hawks, the current number two hero in the world. With the heroes of UA Academy beginning the onslaught against the likes of Shigaraki, Dr. Garaki, the Nomus, and the tens of thousands of villains that populate this brand new conglomerate, Hawks has unleashed his dark side to take down what he considers to be the greatest threat among them, the comical villain named Twice. As Hawks now holds Twice captive, it seems as if the war is truly popping off!

Warning! If you want to avoid spoilers for Chapter 264 of My Hero Academia, go ahead and steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

When we join Hawks in this latest chapter of the manga, Hawks has Twice pinned down thanks to the feathers from his wings which he is able to control individually and seperate from his own body. As Hawks begins chatting with the downed Twice, he informs the villain that the "betrayal" was a necessary one and the antagonist will need to be handed over to the authority. With Hawks cloaked in shadow, he almost appears to be a villain himself, peering at Twice as if he was simply prey that he was looking to snatch up.

After attempting to terrify Twice, Hawks then plays the role of the "good guy", informing the villain that he clearly has some good inside himself. Twice however was hearing none of this as he begins to lose his composure, having betrayed a number of times in his life as a member of the League of Villains. Ripping off his mask in order to unleash the true potential of his Quirk, Twice unveils a move called "Sad Man's Parade", which has a number of clones spawning from his person.


Hawks has clearly earned his second place role in the world of My Hero Academia, being able to do far more than simply soar the skies with his red wings. Though he is normally an amicable, open hero, it's clear that when the situation requires it, he is able to turn on a dime and become a much darker version of himself. It will be interesting to see how Hawks finishes out this arc and what lengths he will go to accomplish his mission.

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