Adult Swim Grows Big with Smiling Friends & My Adventures With Superman

The Man of Steel and the Smiling Friends have become a big success for Adult Swim.

Clark Kent and the Smiling Friends couldn't be more different though they still have quite a few things in common. Adult Swim has renewed both My Adventures With Superman and The Smiling Friends for respective third seasons, proving how successful both animated series have become for the Cartoon Network programming block. In a new report released by Warner Bros. Discovery, the studio proves just how much growth the two franchises have brought in for the company so far in recent memory. Based on the figures released, it's easily within the realm of possibility that Clark, Pim, Charlie, Lois, and Jimmy could be looking at fourth seasons down the line.

While Smiling Friends has already finished its third season, the Man of Steel still has a few episodes in the tank before My Adventures With Superman does the same. In his own way, Clark might make for a good "Smiling Friend" as he consistently tries to make the populace of the Earth smile by saving their lives. Recently, in season two, the Man of Steel has run into some problems with accomplishing this task as the villainous Braniac is attempting to recreate Krypton and has a surprising ally in Kara, aka Supergirl.

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My Adventures With The Smiling Friends: Adult Swim's Growth

In a new report released by Warner Bros. Discovery, the studio took the opportunity to break down where it's seen growth recently. Noting Adult Swim directly, the WB noted that the Man of Tomorrow and the Smiling Friends were key in the programming block's growth, "Adult Swima top 10 cable network among Adults, boasted its third consecutive quarter of primetime growth in Q2 with a 14 percent ratings increase. Season two of Smiling Friends is pacing at a 28 percent ratings increase versus the season one average, while the sophomore season of My Adventures with Superman is delivering ratings growth versus last year."

While both My Adventures With Superman and The Smiling Friends are set to return, Adult Swim has been tight-lipped regarding when their respective third seasons will arrive. It's safe bet however that we won't be seeing either this year as it takes time to create animation, especially when it comes to these two popular Cartoon Network series.

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