‘Adventure Time’ EP Confirms Bubblegum and Marceline’s Relationship Status

After a couple hundred episodes, it seems Adventure Time has finished its final journey. Last night, the acclaimed series came to an end, and the finale made a major reveal about Marceline and Princess Bubblegum along the way. Now, the executive producer on Adventure Time is speaking out about the finale and revealing how the new couple's relationship pans out down the road.

For those unaware, Marceline and Bubblegum revealed their true feelings to one another during Adventure Time's big finale. The episode saw a strange enemy known as GOLB wreak havoc upon the Land of Ooo. At one point, it looked like Bubblegum was killed by the creature, a fact that caused Marceline to rage in grief. However, the pink-haired heroine survived, and the pair reunited after the battle ended with a kiss.

Now, Adam Muto says the fan-favorite couple is as happy as you inferred from their cozy Adventure Time exit.

"There's enough to draw a conclusion," Muto told TV Line about the girls being in an official relationship.

"I don't want to lay out their entire future — what their relationship will be like after this, and all that — but there are enough pieces there that you can kind of construct what their life will be like going forward," the producer continued.

"We knew that if we put this in, it would get some attention. But would it be too much attention? … Or would we be downplaying it too much? We knew we wanted to incorporate it, and in the end, you just have no control over how people will remember things."

According to Muto, the kiss between Bubblegum and Marceline has been a long one coming. While it wasn't part of the show's "original pitch", the producer said the romance simply evolved over time until it couldn't be ignored any longer. Now, fans of Adventure Time have gotten a very obvious confirmation that Bubblegum-Marceline is canon, and audiences are still buzzing over the much-wanted romance.

So, how do you think the couple wound up after the GOLB was taken care of? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

If you're unfamiliar with Adventure Time, the story follows unlikely heroes Finn and Jake, buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo and encounter its colorful inhabitants. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of heart-pounding escapades. Finn, a silly kid with an awesome hat and Jake, a brassy dog with a big kind heart, depend on each other through thick and thin. Adventure Time is created by Pendleton Ward and produced at Cartoon Network Studios.