Amazon's Best of 2018 Anime Blu-ray Sale is Live

Amazon has launched another sale on anime Blu-rays, and it includes big discounts on 13 'Best of [...]


Amazon has launched another sale on anime Blu-rays, and it includes big discounts on 13 "Best of 2018" titles. You can shop the entire sale right here, and we would suggest jumping on Dragon Ball Super: Parts Three, Four and Five first. You'll also find Yuri!!! on Ice: The Complete Series, Outlaw Star: The Complete Series, My Hero Academia: Season Two Part One, Attack on Titan: Season Two, and more.

Several of the titles are already on backorder, so don't wait too long to get your order in. The full breakdown of titles in the sale can be found below:

• Dragon Ball Super: Part Three - $22.79
• Dragon Ball Super: Part Four - $21.65
• Dragon Ball Super: Part Five - $21.65
• Yuri!!! on Ice: The Complete Series - $27.57
• Outlaw Star: The Complete Series - $23.77
• My Hero Academia: Season Two Part One - $25.35 (Bonus 5% coupon)
• Attack on Titan: Season Two - $23.99
• Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Complete Series - $26.99
• Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 – Part Two - $29.99 (Bonus 5% coupon)
• Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic - $19.54
• Tokyo Ghoul - The Movie - $16.97
• The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst: Season Two + OVA - $26.21 (Bonus 5% coupon)
• Berserk: Season Two - $27.62

Take advantage of Amazon's anime Blu-ray sale while you can because there's no telling how long it will last.


On a related note, the DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection is a dream Blu-ray set for fans of DC's animated movies, packing a total of 30 films and tons of extras inside. If you were on the fence about buying it, now would be the time to pull the trigger because Amazon has a one-day deal going that dropped the price to $98.99 - an all-time low. It cost $300 when it was released last November, so this is a pretty incredible bargain. Needless to say, it would make for a spectacular gift for a DC fan. Just make sure to grab it before the end of the day today, December 17th.

In addition to the 30 films, the set also contains newly released commemorative editions of Wonder Woman and Justice League: The New Frontier as well as all five "DC Showcase" animated shorts – The Spectre, Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, Catwoman and Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. Plus, there's over two hours of new special features. It even comes with a 40-page adult coloring book and three collector coins to sweeten the deal.

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