Anime Leaders Warn Against AI's Dystopian Impact

Anime creators have been warning against AI's impact for years now.

These days, it is hard to ignore how often AI finds itself in the headlines. The emerging technology has major implications in the future of medicine and financing, but not everyone is on board with AI. For those in the arts, AI has become a nuisance complete with copyright concerns, and now one of Japan's top animation organizations is breaking down how dystopian the future could be with AI.

The word comes from the NAFCA, otherwise known as the Nippon Anime and Film Culture Association. The group banded together in recent years to educate animators and bring better publicity to the industry's conditions. Not long ago, the NAFCA posted a new letter about AI in animation, and the note was nothing but bleak.

"We [the NAFCA] feel it will be very difficult in the future to bring fair revenue to creators when projects are being created through the use of generative AI," the note reads. "For instance, if an AI generates a character with the head of Doraemon, the body of a Gundam, and the voice of Son Goku... If that creation is made with the thought it can be used freely so long as we hand over the required revenue, we're not interested. Even if a character created using 100 others were to make a ton of profit, there is no good mechanism of sharing profit and approval with the creators of those 100 said characters."

"We want to given a clear no to the question of whether all creators can be satisfied by profit," the post reads.

Of course, you can see why the organization has concerns about AI. Artists across the globe have raised red flags about how AI frequently infringes on copyrights as the tech uses existing art as learning material. From comic book covers to promo posters and manga one-shots, AI has become a serious problem that fans and creators alike are scrutinizing. And unless regulations are put in place for AI, the NAFCA doesn't see the technology being kind to creators in the future.

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