Anime Japan Could Be Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

If you have been living in a recluse as of late, you may not have heard. These days, the World Health Organization is keeping a close eye on Asia thanks to an outbreak of the Coronavirus. The illness is not new to medical professionals, but its new human vitality has plenty shaken. Of course, that means billions are on high alert for the disease, and that may cause some bumps in the road for a major anime convention.

Soon, Tokyo is set to open its streets to Anime Japan 2020. The annual event is one where studios and creators give fans updates on their top titles. From Boruto to My Hero Academia and beyond, Anime Japan is nothing to mess with for the industry. But as you may have guessed, the Coronavirus doesn't make exceptions for any fandom.

Recently, the official Anime Japan page on Twitter issue a statement addressing the growing pandemic. It was there the convention's staff warned attendees that certain panels may be closed depending on how severe the Cornoavirus is in Japan at that point.

You can guess why the whole convention could be cancelled by the issue. Not only is the Coronavirus deadly but it very easily transmitted. It does not take much to pass on the virus to others near you. Given how densely populated Tokyo is, you can understand why the Coronavirus is being taken very seriously, and that only goes doubly so at events containing hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.


So far, there is no word on whether any events will be cancelled. Anime Japan is set to debut some big panels at this year's event, so fans are hoping the show can go on. Both Bleach and Attack on Titan have teased fans over some major reveals, and the former's fanbase might lose their mind if any sort of Bleach revival gets delayed due to the Coronavirus.

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