Japan Gives the Pope Custom Anime Merch During Recent Visit

It isn't everyday the Pope comes to visit your country. Japan is always excited to welcome the Catholic figurehead when they come around, but it took nearly forty years for the Pope to return to the Land of the Rising Sun. Still, Pope Francis did make his way to Japan not too long ago, and locals had the perfect way to welcome the religious leader.

And yes, it involved a bit of anime-otaku flair!

For those who do not know, the Pope made a visit to Japan on his latest global tour. Pope Francis made his first stop in Nagasaki where Japan first embraced Christianity. After a trip to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the leader headed to Tokyo where he was given a very special gift by followers (via Sora News 24).

As it turns out, those who attended his talk at the Cathedral of Holy Mary had a present for Pope Francis. It was there locals gave the lead a happy half-coat with some very auspicious designs. In true idol style, a cute portrait of the Pope was printed onto the jacket, and it would fit in any anime out there. The rest of the fabric features various blossoms, and fans admit the coat gives off a shojo vibe.


Pope Francis did don the coat briefly over his own white robes which led to cheers. The attire might not have been the norm for the Pope, but idols in Japan are familiar with the fashion. From singers to voice actors, celebrities will often sell these half-coats for their fans to wear. It signals a fan's devotion to a fandom, and it seems the Pope is now included in that ultra elite group.

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