Anime Director Mamoru Hosoda Gives Update on Next Film

Mamoru Hosoda is one of the most revered directors in anime, and his body of work speaks a language that entices fans around the world. From Wolf Children to Boy and the Beast, Hosoda has made some impressive movies that are as whimsical as they are heavy. Now, it seems the director is working on a new project, and Hosoda hopes to give a first-look at it soon.

It wasn't long ago that Hosoda teased fans about his next project as he did so during Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021. The event was held on October 19, and it was there Hosoda did an interview with two fellow filmmakers. During the chat, Hosoda confessed work has started on his new film, and he is working diligently on production.


"We're currently in production right now. We've just finished the storyboards for the next film, so we'll be working on it in earnest from now on. Everyone should be able to see it soon... I'm sure it will be a great piece of work," the director shared.

Continuing, Hosoda went on to describe the feeling he has whenever working on a movie. It might be a wonderful creative endeavor for the director, but he says he realizes there is a numbers game behind everything. That is why Hosoda treats every film like his last because a flop could mean the end of his career. So to keep that from happening, Hosoda's studio only tackles one film at a time.

"If people don't watch the first movie, we can't make the next one. In that sense, I always think that [his current movie] might be my last film."

Of course, it is hard to imagine Hosoda flubbing a film that badly. The director has an impressive number of films under his belt, and each one has been met with praise. His latest venture Mirai was heralded by fans and critics alike upon its debut. So fans can rest assured that Hosoda won't let them down with his next project!


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HT - Crunchyroll