Ariana Grande's 'Spirited Away' Tweets Have Fans Screaming Relationship Goals

It seems like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a movie night this weekend, as the singer posted [...]

It seems like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a movie night this weekend, as the singer posted a couple of precious tweets about Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

Grande took to Twitter on Friday evening with a pair of posts that had animation fans swooning. The couple of the century is now making references to one of this generation's most beloved cult classics, officially proving that Avengers: Infinity War was not the most ambitious cross-over event in history.

"Pete and I just ate like the parents from Spirited Away," Grande tweeted. Some fans dropped in with mixed opinions on Hayao Miyazaki's magical masterpiece, but there seems to be little doubt that Grande herself is a fan.

Not long after, Grande posted a screen shot from the movie, showing Chihiro on the train with No Face, heading to meet Zenibaba. Here, Venn diagram between Grande's "Arianators" and die-hard Miyazaki fans really showed itself. The replies filled with deep-cut Studio Ghibli references, and unfortunately even a smattering of hate for anyone who admitted that they were unfamiliar with the film.

Grande even warranted a reply from VIZ Media, as the company has recently pushed new official picture books for the entire Studio Ghibli library.

"No-Face Left to cry," the account wrote in Grande's signature upside-down and backwards font. the post was a reference to Grande's recent hit, "No Tears Left to Cry," and at least one fan called the tweet "underrated."

For those Arianators who have yet to discover the world of Miyazaki, Spirited Away is a 2001 film following 10-year-old Chihiro Ogino into a magical yet perilous town, where spirits reign supreme and people who stay past sunset are doomed to forget who they are. After her parents are transformed into pigs, Chihiro must work at the bathhouse and face all of the trickster spirits and magic to try and free them from the enchantment.

Meanwhile, for Studio Ghibli fans who are not keeping up on pop music trends, Ariana Grande is one half of the most surprising and talked about couple of the year. Within weeks of breaking up with rapper Mac Miller, Grande began seeing Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who himself had just left a long-term relationship with comedian Cazzie David. In under a month, Grande and Davidson got engaged, becoming an instant meme and icons of moving on in the process.

Somehow, every photo that has been taken of Grande and Davidson is picture-perfect, and their increasingly domestic lifestyle -- including Spirited Away screenings, apparently -- has become a spectator sport.