Attack On Titan Season 4 Shares New Artwork

Attack on Titan is making its way to the finish line month by month, and it seems like the anime's fourth season is all too eager to get going. The show will make an official comeback this December after a short delay due to the pandemic. With a new studio overseeing the series, fans are eager to see what comes from this fourth and final season given how intense it will be. To satisfy those curious Attack on Titan fans, the team at MAPPA has put forth some new artwork from season four, and it shows off some of our favorite heroes in full gear.

Of course, MAPPA hit the fandom scene not just with the announcement that they will be animating this final season but also with their adeptness at animating with the likes of The God of High School and Jujutsu Kaisen, two of the biggest anime series that arrived this year. Though fans were nervous about the loss of Wit Studio, who worked on the first three seasons along with anime series such as the Great Pretender, Vinland Saga, and more, the first trailer for the fourth season was able to placate a number of fans with the amazing style of MAPPA's new take.

Reddit User Medo811 shared the "MAPPA Showcase" that shows off a number of new character designs from the upcoming season of Attack On Titan, showing how some of the familiar characters in the new animation style while sporting entirely new outfits to usher in the war between Marley and Eldia:

MAPPASHOWCASE event (S4 Spoilers) from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

The fourth season won't just be capping off the story of the Survey Corps, but will also be diving further into the origins of the Titans themselves, which will give fans some of the darkest moments of the series to date. Though the power structure has clearly changed, as the finale of the third season saw the Survey Corps learning more about the world than they ever thought possible. With the nation of Marley enjoying a level of technology that has never been seen by the people of Eldia, it will be interesting to see how the Survey Corps is able to bring the war to the nation that has been tormenting them for so long.


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