Attack on Titan Announces Manga's December Release Date

Attack on Titan has announced the December release date for the next chapter of the manga! With the manga now creeping toward its finale with each new chapter of the series, fans have been glued to each new release to see how things will develop. The final arc of the series has been drastically different from anything the series has done before, and the situation has only gotten more intense for the last remnants of humanity as Eren and the Titans continue their march across the world -- bringing destruction in their wake.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 has confirmed (as noted by @AoTWiki on Twitter) that it will be releasing on December 9th in the January issue Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. With series creator Hajime Isayama confirming that the series only has very little left to go, each new chapter of the series will be more important than ever.

Isayama recently commented that the manga only has about one to two percent left in its story before the finale, and considering how he revealed there was about five percent in the story earlier this June, this means that there most likely won't be very many chapters left to go. This has been especially noticeable considering that Attack on Titan is currently in the middle of an apocalypse.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Release Date Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Kodansha)

Eren now wields the power of the Founding Titan thanks to Zeke, and is using the Titans formerly sealed within the walls surrounding Eldia to stomp around the world and kill everyone not from that island. Eren has officially been cemented as the final antagonist of the series, so it's been a question as to how everything will be wrapping up considering he is the final obstacle to a potentially happy ending for the franchise.

This particular week is going to be pretty huge for fans of the franchise as not only will Attack on Titan be releasing a new chapter on December 9th, but the anime adaptation will be premiering the first episode of its final season just a couple of days sooner on December 7th. If everything pans out, fans might be ending the year on pretty great terms overall.


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