'Attack On Titan's Recent Bombshell Makes Total Sense

Fans of Attack on Titan are still reeling over its most recent bombshell. Kodansha published the manga’s 100th chapter recently, and the game-changing update revealed a terrifying part of Eren Jaeger. The bloody chapter had some fans scratching their heads over its abrupt shift, but evidence suggests Attack on Titan has been building up to this moment for sometime.

So, if you are surprised that Eren shifted into his Titan form in Marley, you should not be.

Before Attack on Titan shared its latest chapter, fans went to war over whether it would see another Grim Reminder happen. Many thought Eren was above doing such a cruel thing, but chapter 100 proved them wrong. The soldier did transform into a Titan in front of hundreds of Marley citizens. When the manga returns, fans expect all-out bloodshed to follow Eren in the wake of Willy Tybur’s declaration of war, and it makes sense.

Some may not understand why Eren did to Marley what was done to him as a child. After all, the poor boy knows how devastating a Grim Reminder can be; He watched his own mother get eaten before him, and the loss was one of so many. However, Attack on Titan has said before who Eren’s true enemy is.

Chapter 100 saw Eren tell Reiner he would not stop until his “enemies are destroyed.” Way back, Ymir tried to tell Eren who their kind’s true enemies were, but she never got to explain. It was only thanks to Hange that Ymir’s thought was finished. In chapter 89, the soldier told Eren that “the world” is their enemy.

Attack on Titan makes few apologies for its stark story, and it tackles war head on. Eren may have grown to accept parts of Marley after coming to the country, but he knows he must protect his people just like how Reiner did for his. Chapter 100 saw both Marleyans and Eldians cheering on a war with Paradis, and it was then Eren knew he had no choice. The world above him was crying out for his people’s death, and Eren knew he could remind them of how difficult killing him would be.

After all, their faces did look pretty shocked when the Attack Titan cut Willy in two.


As Attack on Titan moves on, fans will have to reconcile themselves with the idea that their favorites are neither good nor bad. The franchise is one centered around war, and its heroes will change based on which people you support. If you are rooting for Paradis and its Eldians, then Eren is your savior. But, if you have come to love Marley, then the protagonist just become enemy number one.

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