'Attack On Titan' Just Shared Reiner's Darkest Moment

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan's 100th chapter lie below!

At long last, Attack on Titan's latest chapter is out, and fans are buzzing about the milestone issue. Hajime Isayama dropped its 100th issue this week, and the action-packed chapter did way more than expected. However, for Reiner's fans, they were forced to watch the soldier hit a new low.

The new chapter follows Eren as he continues his chat with Reiner in Marley. The duo sit underneath a giant stage where Willy Tybur is revealing his country's secret history, but things take a turn when Eren begins speaking to his former ally.

Eren asks Reiner is he remembers the damage he wrought on Paradis as the Armored Titan. The boy asks aloud why he had to watch his mother get eaten by a Titan before his eyes, but Eren says he can understand Reiner now after having infiltrated Marley like the elder did Paradis. However, Reiner is not willing to shrug off his own guilt so easily.

"You're wrong! I said that you're wrong about it, Eren," the boy shouts, dropping to his knees. "On that day, because Marcel was eaten, Annie and Bertholt wanted to stop the mission and go back. I forcefully persuaded them and proceeded the mission. It was for my sake as well. I wanted to become a hero! To be looked up as an elder brother figure. I wanted to be respected by someone."

Continuing, Reiner goes on to ask for the one thing he's too afraid to give himself.

"I was wrong. It was my fault that your mother was eaten by a Titan. I just find myself to be despicable. Please, kill me. I just want to disappear."

In the past, fans of Attack on Titan watched on as Reiner's suicidal thoughts came to a head. A previous chapter showed the Armored Titan inheritor stick a loaded rifle in his mouth as he thought about killing himself. Reiner only stops when he hears Falco outside, but it seems the boy has yet to let go of his wish. Despite trying, Reiner cannot bring himself to commit suicide, but Eren could kill the man and get revenge for all he did to Paradis. But, as fans know, Eren isn't so easily persuaded.


Rather than kill Reiner, the Paradis shifter decides to just give Marley a grim reminder of its own in return.

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