'Fairly OddParents' Creator Shares Hilarious 'Attack On Titan' Crossover

Attack on Titan and The Fairly OddParents couldn’t be more different, but Butch Hartman found [...]

Attack on Titan and The Fairly OddParents couldn't be more different, but Butch Hartman found one way to unite the series. Over on Twitter, the artist shared a crossover piece he did for his Nickelodeon series, and it sees one familiar face go up against the Colossal Titan.

Yeah, you can thank Dinkleberg for that.

As you can see below, Hartman took to social media to share a sketch he did of Attack on Titan and The Fairly OddParents. The mash-up sees the Colossal Titan standing in all its towering glory as a robot comes to greet it. Of course, Sheldon Dinkleberg is the one piloting the half-hearted mecha, and the Titan looks surprised to see the Turners' neighbor coming at him.

"Attack on Dinkleberg," Hartman captioned the image, and fans of both series were quick to conjure up hilarious theories about the would-be crossover.

If you are not familiar with Dinkleberg and his Fairly OddParents history, then you should know the man is a neighbor to Timmy Turner's family. Over the years, the cartoon has turned Dinkleberg into Mr. Turner's biggest rival. The pair have squared off multiple times, but Dinkleberg has always one-upped his neighbors with his costly robotics. So, really, it would not be surprising to learn that Mr. Turner set the Colossal Titan on Dinkleberg on purpose.

Of course, fans of Hartman will not be surprised to see this cartoon and anime mash-up; The artist has proved time and again that he's a massive otaku. Earlier this year, Hartman teamed up with Crunchyroll to give The Fairly OddParents a full-on anime makeover. The artist did an anime-style imagining of Timmy Turner and his fairy godparent comrades taking on Mr. Crocker. The fight paid homage to classic series like Dragon Ball, and Hartman told fans he took on the crossover because he is a big fan of the anime industry.

If you are not familiar with Attack on Titan, then you should know the popular anime is renowned for its intense action and gritty story lines. The anime follows a boy named Eren Yeager in an alternate world overrun by massive creatures known as Titans.

These mindless beasts have all but wiped out humanity, and mankind is left to cower in fear behind massive walls. When their sanctum is infiltrated by a slew of Titans, Eren and his friends Armin and Mikasa join the military to help eradicate the blood-thirty monsters. But, as they grow older, they learn that the beasts are not what they appear as long-held government conspiracies make themselves known.

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