Attack On Titan Confirms Release Date of Chapter 131

Attack On Titan is rocketing toward its finale, with creator Hajime Isayama working to finalize the story of the war between Marley and Eldia, and it seems as if the next manga chapter has gotten a release date! With the story of Eren Jaeger and his fellow members of the Survey Corps having taken a big departure from the adventures they once had earlier in the series, fans can't wait to see how this blockbuster anime finally makes its curtain call, both in the chapters in the manga and the upcoming final season of the anime produced by Studio MAPPA.

Without going deep into spoiler territory, the Survey Corps has found themselves in a very different position from when the final war began between the nation of Marley and the scattered citizens of Eldian descent. With a new roster having been created in order to combat a new, albeit familiar, threat, it will be amazing to see how these events from the manga are translated into the fourth season of the anime. With only a few chapters left in the manga's tenure before it hits its conclusion, fans are anticipating how the adventures of Eren and company will end and, more importantly, which characters will survive.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared the latest update with regards to Chapter 131 of Attack On Titan, noting that the latest installment of the manga will be released shortly, later this summer, on August 7th (Japan Time) which will continue the story of the Survey Corps:

A release date for the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan's anime has yet to be revealed, with many originally believing that it would arrive later this year in 2020, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which has delayed a number of anime projects, we would imagine that the popular franchise from creator Hajime Isayama will make landfall in 2021. Though Wit Studio won't be concluding their run on the series following their handling of the first three seasons, the footage we've seen so far by Studio MAPPA is impressive to say the least.

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