'Attack on Titan': Watch Levi's Best Sequence Yet

Attack on Titan season 2 is coming out of the gate firing - quite literally. Levi's survey squad has been targeted for termination by forces in the government, which unleashed Levi's former guardian and mentor "Kenny the Ripper" on the Survey Corps. After a somewhat slow-burn build for most of the season 3 premiere, fans were hit with a big shock ending that saw Levi and his squad get ambushed by Kenny and his Interior Squad team. Episode 2, "Pain", picks up in the midst of that battle, with the best Levi action sequence that Attack on Titan has ever produced!

This was a moment that fans of the series have long waited to see. Levi (whose real name is revealed as "Levi Ackerman" in episode 2) sheds his usual calm, cool, soft-spoken demeanor, yelling out "Kennnny!" with a mad look in his eyes, before cutting down the Interior Squad attackers with no hesitation about the fact that he's taking on other humans. The sequence provides all the evidence ever needed about why Levi is the rightful captain of the Special Operations Squad and seen as one of the best soldiers in the world. Not only is he a total badass on his own, but he never loses sight of his duty to protect his squad, coming up with a strategy and executing it (literally) on the fly, even in this dire moment.

As the tweet acknowledges, the animation in this sequence is a 3DMG work by Arifumi IMAI, whose impressive credits inculde titles like Boruto: Naruto the Movie, and One Punch Man. It really is some next-level work, which could arguably stand alongside any of the big blockbuster films of today. If this is how Attack on Titan season 3 is kicking off, we can't wait to see the inevitable full battle between Levi and Kenny, as well as all the other human vs. human vs. titan battles that are sure to come.

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