Attack on Titan Episode 80 Cut an Important Flashback

Attack on Titan has been on the air for over a decade now, but fans know its journey will end shortly. Season four has returned to walk the series through its finale. In the last week, audiences were blown away when Eren detonated a bombshell that even surprised his closest fans. But when it comes to manga readers, well – they are more concerned about a missing flashback from episode 80. 

If you have seen the anime's latest episode, then you will likely know what scene is being referenced. Manga readers were treated to the flashback a long time ago as it follows Eren and Mikasa during their undercover mission in Marley. While the others are asleep, the friends have an important chat, and it should have been adapted somewhere in Attack on Titan episode 80.

However, that did not happen. The episode was focused purely on Ymir and Eren's brand-new form when it debuted. Now, fans are trying to figure out when the scene will come out. After all, it is pretty pivotal to the pair's growth, so it isn't like Attack on Titan can blow past the whole sequence.

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The moment in question shows Eren before the war began in earnest as he hangs out in a camp of refugees. After some alcohol, Eren asks Mikasa what he is to her, and the girl is visibly shaken. In the end, she holds back her true feelings before passing out, and Eren is quick to follow. This omission becomes incredibly important during Attack on Titan's final battle, so season four has to visit it at some point. So if you ask us, we'd expect this flashback to resurface at the end of season four where it will hit us all in the feels. 

What do you think about this missing scene? Do you believe Attack on Titan will find a new place for this sequence? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.