Attack On Titan's Eren Jaeger Is Now Anime's Most Interesting Protagonist

There has never quite been an anime character like Attack On Titan's Eren Jaeger, even before the final season of the dark anime adaptation. Losing his mother and having his world stripped away from him in the first episode, Eren has been seeking to destroy the Titans, but has changed tactics since learning the truth of who lived outside of their island known as Paradis. As Eren prepares to sic the Rumbling on the entirety of the world, the recent episode might make him the most interesting protagonist in the medium of anime.   

Eren Jaeger has gone through some tough times over the years, losing his mother when the walls originally fell in the first episode of the series. As he discovered the powers of the Attack Titan that lay within him, he worked toward protecting his friends while also discovering the secrets of the world outside the island of Paradis. As fans attempt to figure out just why Eren has decided to take such a destructive path in saving his people, those who have known Jaeger might begin to realize that this is the man that he always was, stating numerous times how he would keep moving forward at any cost and how his original declaration to destroy all the Titans, might have been stretched to encompass all perceived enemies of Paradis.

The series of events that led to this point wasn't just Grisha giving Eren the powers of the Attack Titan, but when Jaeger had made contact with Historia, granting him contact with a member of the Reiss family and thus allowing him to see into the future. With this newfound knowledge, Eren has been playing the role of mastermind and putting the pieces into place outside of his friends' notice, causing serious problems for all the parties involved in the never-ending war.

Now, does Eren's recent decision to use the Rumbling to effectively eliminate the population of the world outside of Paradis mean he's right? Of course not! Eren's current line of action makes him a monster, and that's something that fans are going to privy to in upcoming episodes of the series, but it does make him one of the most unique characters that was the original lead of a series. While there have been anime series in the past where the protagonist might have become a villain, Eren's swing is perhaps one of the most unexpected, albeit interesting, twists in the medium.

Eren's course of action has drawn a new line for the Eldians and the Marleyians, as Jaeger's friends now have to decide whether they're willing to save a world that despises them.

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