Avatar: Iroh's Voice Actor Reveals Why He'll Never Perform "Leaves From The Vine"

Avatar: The Last Airbender crafted some of the best characters to ever appear on Nickelodeon, but the top award went to Iron. As an uncle and mentor to Prince Zuko, the elderly man spouted wisdom as often as he did jokes. His love for tea was only matched by his desire to see the world at peace, and much of his character came to life thanks to Mako Iwamatsu. The actor oversaw Iroh for a number of years, and the star's successor has revealed why he will never perform a song written to honor Iwamatsu.

Taking to Twitter, fans were given the lowdown when Greg Baldwin answered a fan-question about the song "Leaves From The Vine". The song was sung in one of the show's most memorable episodes. Iroh performed the song at the grave of his late son Lu Ten to celebrate the latter's birthday. To this day, "Leaves From The Vine" remains a favorite amongst fans, but Baldwin isn't interested in performing the song for fans.

"I'm often asked to sing "Leaves From The Vine" at Comicons. Out oof the deep respect for Mako Iwamatsu... it's one fan request I always decline. It's Make's song... not mine," the actor shared.

For those who do not know, the song was included in Avatar: The Last Airbender as a memorial to Iwamatsu as well. The actor passed away in 2006 after doing the voice of General Iroh in the show's first two seasons. Before production on season three began, Iwamatsu passed away after fighting esophageal cancer for some time. He did manage to record this song before his death, and it has become one of the most defining parts of his legacy.

It is not surprising Baldwin declines the request to sing the song. Not only is it a difficult one to get through but it is deeply personal to Iwamatsu's death. No one can do the song just like the actor did, and fans are content listening to the song's original version for as long as they can.


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