Avatar: The Last Airbender's Pilot Episode is Now Available on YouTube

Avatar The Last Airbender has found new life thanks to the animated series being brought to the streaming service of Netflix, alongside its sequel series of The Legend of Korra, and it seems that the long lost pilot episode of the series has been discovered and placed on Youtube for all to see. The pilot, which is a completely new episode of the franchise, has a number of different changes from what we originally got from the insanely popular franchise, which is set to receive a live action television adaptation from the streaming service in the future.

Some voice actors in this pilot episode are different, as well as originally giving Katara a different name in Kya, proving that there were definitely a number of ideas that had to be retooled for the animated show before it made landfall on Nickelodeon. Premiering in 2005, it easily became one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows and still has a passionate fan base long after the conclusion of its original television series. While this pilot episode might not have had the same level of animation that the series was known for, it definitely gave an idea of what would eventually become of the world of benders and Aang's quest to take stop the march of the Fire Nation.

Avatar The Last Airbender Pilot
(Photo: Nickelodeon)

The original creators of the series were originally slated to be a part of Netflix's upcoming live action television series, but left the adaptation following "creative differences" between themselves and the streaming service. While casting has not been confirmed as of yet and a release date has yet to be revealed, it's clear that Netflix is looking to add to the mythos of the franchise with this brand new take on Aang, Katara, and Sakka!

This upcoming show isn't the first time we've seen Avatar The Last Airbender receive a live action adaptation, as a feature length film was created by horror filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan but was unfortunately received to quite the critical reception.

What do you think of this pilot episode in comparison to the actual Avatar The Last Airbender series? Are you excited for the upcoming live action Netflix series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of bending!