'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Scrapped A Fourth Season For Live-Action Adaptation

Avatar: The Last Airbender stands as a Nickelodeon darling thanks to all its critical praise. With three seasons to its name, the franchise has spun off comics, manga, sequel TV series, and one ill-fated live-action movie to boot. However, as it turns out, there was more to Avatar that fans never got to see.

After all, a fourth season was being planned, but it turns out the venture was canceled to make way for the series' now-infamous live-action adaptation.

Over on Twitter, fans were let in on the secret when Avatar's former head writer shared the scoop. Aaron Ehasz posted the tidbit on April 1, and after reassuring fans the reveal wasn't a prank, fans were quick to bemoan the season's loss.

"I always intended for Azula to have a redemption arc in the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender," Ehasz wrote.

"Longer and far more complicated than Zuko's. She had not bottomed in the end of season 3, she had further to go. At the deepest moment in her own abyss she would have found: Zuko," he shared. "Despite it all, her brother Zuko would be there for her. Believing in her, sticking by her, doing his best to understand and help her hold her pain that she can no longer hold alone. Zuko -- patient, forgiving, and unconditionally loving – all strengths he gained from Uncle Iroh."

While Azula's story was explored in the comics, her path did not stray into redemption. She did try to make amends with Zuko but ultimately wound up trying to sway her brother into becoming a dictator like their father. According to Ehasz, his team's take on the arc would have been included in a fourth season, but the show's crew had their hopes dashed when Hollywood came knocking.

"Truthfully, there was a moment in time when we all thought we would do a 4th season of [Avatar: The Last Airbender]… Then along came M. Night…"

With the show's executive producers wanted to focus on the live-action project, Avatar: The Last Airbender came to a close. It made a comeback some years later with The Legend of Korra, a sequel which followed the journey of the Avatar who came after Aang. Still, some fans can't help but wonder what this fourth season would have looked like, especially given how badly the series' live-action movie was received. There are those who feel that time would've been better spent on a fourth season, but all is not lost for Azula. After all, Netflix is working on a live-action take on the franchise, so it may be able to give the Fire Nation's princess the redemption arc she deserves.

So, are you excited for the live-action take? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

For those of you unfamiliar with Avatar, the series screened on Nickelodeon between 2005 and 2008. Its complex story and diverse stars earned the series' acclaim. The Last Airbender's story coupled with its anime-inspired artwork helped the franchise grow a loyal fanbase, and the series has continued to expand with various comics over the years. Recently, it was announced a young adult novel focusing on Avatar Kyoshi would be coming to the canon, leaving fans eager to learn more about the infamous warrior's tenure.



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