Avatar The Last Airbender: Dante Basco Explains Why the Show Is Relevant in 2021

Avatar The Last Airbender is set to return with a new live-action television series on the streaming platform of Netflix in the future, and recently, the voice actor of the fan-favorite character of Zuko, Dante Basco, had the opportunity to take about why the animated series is more relevant in 2021 than ever! Zuko, of course, was the anti-hero of the series who was exiled by his father from the Fire Nation, set to capture Aang, but eventually found himself on the side of the angels in a bid to not only stop Ozai's plans, but the machinations of his sister Azula.

Zuko himself was first featured at a young age, working through his personal demons while also attempting to figure out which direction he wanted to take, but made an appearance in the sequel series of The Legend of Korra as an exceptionally old man, helping to lead the Fire Nation down a new path following their tumultuous past.

Basco had this to say to Entertainment Weekly about how Avatar The Last Airbender is still relevant today, over fifteen years since making its debut and telling the story of Aang and his friends attempting to divert the power of the Fire Nation in their bid to take over the world:

Avatar Zuko 2021
(Photo: Nickelodeon)

"If you look in the show, it's a time of unrest and imbalance in the world of Avatar. It's this group of kids trying to find the balance in the world. And I think collectively, the world, we're all in the Gaang, we're in this group of kids going, 'How can we find balance in the world right now?' And that's part of the charm. There are so many lessons that still are relevant today."

Hilariously, Basco also took the opportunity to dissect how Zuko would act during the coronavirus pandemic, if the prince of the Fire Nation were somehow brought to life to experience it for himself:

"He'd wear a mask, a COVID-approved Blue Spirit mask but he'd be out there with some mischief and some adventure and save some lives."


Do you think that Avatar The Last Airbender is more relevant today than ever? Who do you want to see cast as Zuko in the upcoming live-action television series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of bending!

Via Entertainment Weekly