Beastars Hits New Sales Milestone

Beastars is one of the biggest anime properties that came to Netflix, telling the story of anthropomorphic high school students dealing with a murder mystery as well as their society that has created a shaky truce between predators and prey. With the series originally starting as a manga series from mangaka Paru Itagaki, it seems that the manga has reached an amazing new milestone when it comes to its overall sales around the road, proving that Beastars has found an audience for characters such as Legosi, Haru, and the other young beasts that have helped propel the series to new heights.

Beastars first arrived in 2016 with its manga series, running until last year when it wrapped the story of the anthropomorphic characters. With Netflix recently releasing the second season of the anime adaptation earlier this year, there is still material for the television series to cover from the manga, though the release date of the confirmed third season has yet to be revealed. When it comes to the milestone of the manga, the series currently has over 7.5 million copies of its printed story circulating around the world, proving that Itagaki has created a story that has resonated with a number of fans.

Paru Itagaki took to her Official Twitter Account to announce the major milestone for Beastars, along with a new sketch of Legosi, while also asking fans to "stay tuned" for the third season of the anime series that will be the final chapter of the franchise that isn't quite like anything else on the anime market today:

When it comes to the creation of manga, it runs in the family with the Itagaki clan, as Paru's father, Keisuke Itagaki, is responsible for Baki The Grappler, the long-running, hard-hitting franchise that also found a home on Netflix and released a new season earlier this year. While there has never been an official crossover between the two series created by the Itagaki pair, who is to say what the future might hold for each anime series. 


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