Beastars Shares Season 2 Premiere Stills, International Release Date

The world of the anthropomorphic characters of Beastars is set to return early next year on Netflix, continuing the mystery of who is picking off students of Legosi and Haru's high school from the anime created by Paru Itagaki, and a handful of new images have been released to hype the return of the popular anime along with a set international release date! With the conclusion of the first season, Legosi and Haru revealed their feelings for one another, and an underground "predator ring" was put to bed, but the mystery of the serial killer still lingers!

Paru Itagaki might have brought the story of Beastars to a close in the pages of its manga, but that isn't stopping the mangaka from revisiting the world via its anime, as well as a spin-off story titled Beast Complex, which will focus on an entirely new set of characters that are attempting to navigate a world of predators and prey. With the anime created by Studio Orange, the Netflix original series has put together a passionate fanbase that is anxious to see what the future holds for the shy wolf Legosi who is attempting to maintain control over the beast that lies within himself!

Anime TV shared the first official images via their Official Twitter Account, as well as releasing the International Release Date for the second season of Beastars as January 6th, further exploring the world that was created by the daughter of Baki The Grappler's originator:

Netflix has done a fantastic job of creating a number of different original anime series, Beastars being one of the largest, and with Funimation and Crunchyroll having merged, the streaming service will definitely need some aces up its sleeve if it wants to compete in the world of anime. With Beastars' Second Season arriving extremely early next year, we're interested to see where this second season will take Legosi, Haru, and their friends as well as if the identity of the serial killer will be revealed during these next tense installments.

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