Beastars Season 2 Debuts First Trailer

Beastars became one of the biggest anime entries for the streaming service of Netflix when it introduced us to the world of Legosi and his anthropomorphic classmates that are attempting to navigate a world of "predators and prey", and with the series set to make its return next year, the first trailer for season two has landed! The first season ended on a cliffhanger, with the mysterious serial killer that has been picking off students in Legosi's school yet to be revealed, which we're sure is a reveal that will be shown with this upcoming anime season!

Much like The Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer, Beastars' manga has come to an end, wrapping the story of Legosi, Haru, and their friends, though it's clear that there is still plenty of material for the anime to cover with this second season and perhaps an eventual third. Paru Itagaki, the creator of Beastars, definitely has manga running through her veins, as her father Keisuke Itagaki, the creator of Baki The Grappler, also has a series running on Netflix! While Beastars and Baki could not be more different, it's definitely clear that the creation of manga is something that runs in this talented family and we can't wait to see what the future holds for both father and daughter!

Orange Studio, the animation house responsible for Beastars, released the first trailer of the anime's second season, combining footage from season one and new events that will hint at the trials and tribulations of the animalistic characters that populate this unique anime world:

Beastars' manga might have come to an end, but Paru has confirmed that she is far from exiting the world of Legosi and his classmates and is currently working on a new story entitled "Beast Complex" which will further explore the events of this popular anime franchise. Based on the popularity of the anime, we would imagine that Complex will eventually get an adaptation of its own some day, as this "Dark Zootopia" has set up a rich tapestry that definitely can be dived into further!

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