Berserk To End Hiatus Much Sooner Than Expected

The story of Guts, Griffith, and Casca in a world swarmed by demons is notorious for its hiatuses, but fans of the long running manga series of Berserk will be happy to know that the most recent hiatus will be coming to an end shortly! With the series being printed in the manga publication, Young Animal, the franchise has some of the most jaw dropping art in the world of manga today and considering how tense and engaging the story is, it makes for one of the best series running in publication today!

Beginning on April 24th later this month, the manga publication of Young Animal will be printing a new chapter of Berserk, continuing the current story line that sees Guts and his crew dealing with a new revelation that means serious changes for the love of Guts' life in Casca. After travelling to a landscape filled with fairies, a journey of the mind helped bring Casca back to normalcy as she has been in a state of child-like insanity following the terrible endeavor that she went through in the much earlier event of the Eclipse. With Guts attempting to get his revenge on Griffith, this new revelation regarding Casca's mental state will definitely have big implications for the franchise moving forward!

Twitter User MangaMogura shared the news via Young Animal's publication that a new entry into the story of Berserk will be arriving later this month, finally putting an end to the hiatus of Kentaro Miura's bloody epic tale and hopefully delivering the amazing art work and engaging story that has become a trademark of the series:

While there currently isn't an anime adaptation that is running for the classic anime series, Berserk fans have been praying for a new entry into the long running story of Guts. Recently, the creative minds behind Netflix's Castlevania have expressed an interest in the series though no concrete moves have been made by them, or the streaming service, in order to do so. Considering how well Castlevania has done for Netflix and the critical reception it's received from fans, Berserk would certainly be in good hands!


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